About Custom Banners

There are many things to consider when developing a banner program:


We can design your banners from scratch or we can work with your designer or architect. Symbols can be used to represent your message - corporation logos, site locations etc. The banners must set a mood or theme. Remember the banners are usually 10 - 20 feet in the air so make image bold and not complicated. Colors are the first impact. Have bright vibrant colors if possible but the banners must stick to your theme. Can be trendy, seasonal images or traditional. Experiment with shapes can be rewarding.

REMEMBER - a banner can be ANY SHAPE, ANY SIZE, ANY DESIGN and feature ANY COLOUR.


If you're designing your own banners please stick to the industry standard design formats to make sure your banners can be produced without needing to be rebuilt. The industry standard suite of design programs is called Adobe Creative Suite. You want to use ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR, ADOBE INDESIGN or ADOBE PHOTOSHOP to create your banner artwork. Accepted file formats are EPS, AI, TIFF and INDD. For a complete breakdown of how to set up your art and how to get it to us, CLICK HERE.

We DO NOT accept or support artwork created in Microsoft WORD, POWERPOINT or EXCEL. We DO NOT accept Corel Draw files, Freehand files, low res JPEGS, web resolution graphics or anything copied off of the internet which you have no rights to.

If you can't provide artwork in the accepted formats we're very happy to design your banners for you for a reasonable fee.


The length of service of a banner program is dependent on many things but mostly:

  • type of material used
  • type of hardware and its maintenance
  • the professionalism of the install team

The weather here in Canada is our enemy but... if there is destruction, the first item you want to go is the banner, then the hardware & lastly the pole. All banner programs should be designed to eliminate the liability of the pole falling down as that is a serious matter.


You must consider the entire price of your Banner program which consists of:

  • Banners: 1 times cost
  • Hardware: 2 times cost
  • Install: 1 times cost

Example: banners $100 / hardware $200 / install $100

  • The hardware is an important asset and must be chosen carefully
  • The banners and reinstall could happen yearly
  • You must put this information into your cost analysis


The material used in your street banners must be decided on technical qualities, length of service, location of banners, budget and delivery. There are many types of materials but these are used most frequently.


    • Vibrant images with great clarity
    • Image is vibrant on both sides so a single layer can be used
    • The image on the second side is reversed
    • Very cost effective
    • Banners are light, this saves strain on your hardware
    • Length of service is one year

    • Classy, arty look with excellent image quality
    • Must have double layer with lining to prevent shadowing
    • Banners are med. weight, stress on hardware must be considered
    • The pricing is 2 times single layer Nylon
    • Length of service is max three years

    • The image is excellent but vinyl does not absorb light so it can be difficult to see image in direct sunlight
    • Must have double layer with blackout vinyl
    • Banners are very heavy and stress on the hardware is considerable
    • The pricing is 2 times single Nylon
    • Length of service is max three years



Most street banners are digitally printed on various specialty machines therefore any image can be reproduced


CYMK or Pantone. CYMK is not an exact science as the inks vary from machine to machine and there is no industry standard. All CMYK jobs print "AS IS". Pantone colours are a world wide industry standard. Your Pantone colours will be reproduced as closely as possible (depending on the printer / process) and is a good way to ensure colour reproduction over a period of time over a wide variety of products.


As most material we use for printing is 60 inches wide, an economical width for a banner is 28 inches. The length of banners can be whatever is required, however, the hardware must be engineered to match the size of the banner.


This is incredibly important and this area is where mistakes can be made. The finishing of the banner must fit the hardware. Things that are important are correct measurements of length, width, size of the sleeve to cover the rods.

Another finishing detail is the location of the grommets and accompanying zap-straps to keep the banners from moving back and forth.


The right hardware is one of the most important components of your custom banner program. We have the expertise to source or fabricate the hardware you need to make your project a success. Our hardware / install experts will review your requirements, make an onsite visit to measure and review as required and make sure your hardware fits the application, suits the type of banners you want to use and make sure it's installed safely and securely on site.


Our install team is a group of professionals who will install your banners correctly & safely. Their commitment to quality work is without peer. We have the equipment required for any type of banner installation project and are very good at solving any issues that may arise. For more details CLICK HERE.

We offer several AFTER SERVICE services which are imperative in keep the long term operational aspects of your signs, banners, flags and hardware - especially in an outdoor arena. The main objective is to increase the length of service and beauty of all items, and keeping your brand " looking great". Other benefits are: lower long range costs, decrease liability of accidents and decreased insurance cost. We will on a agreed schedule do planned maintenance to keep all items looking crisp. We are a safety first company. For more details CLICK HERE.

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