About Custom Flags

Historically, flags were the battle standards of kings, barons & royal officials. They've always had an air of aristocracy about them.

Now in modern times just about everything and everyone has one of these feudal items? countries, states, provinces, municipalities, schools, businesses, shopping centers, clubs, churches, movements, ethnic communities & sports teams to name a few.

Flags have survived the extreme pressures of political & cultural changes. They have the power to kindle a great range of memories, feelings, hopes & fears. Remember the impact of the first man on the moon, American Neil Armstrong, with the US Flag in tow? How about the opening Parade of Nations at any Olympic games? Did you know that when the Berlin wall came down it created eleven new countries, each with a new flag.

Today flags have become tremendously diverse in their application. We use flags for national identification raising them high in times of patriotic fervor, but they go beyond this. Flags appeal to our senses, drawing our attention & promoting action. This makes them wonderful tools for elaborate decorations, creative symbolism & brilliant advertising.

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